Neofood - Industrial Pastry Equipment, Confection Production Line
 Site last updated: July 12, 2024

Welcome to Neofood!

Are you looking for new technological and marketing solutions for your enterprise?

Neofood offers all the well-known systems for the dosage and molding of confectionery and gastronomic products in the form of convenient modules compatible with each other. This makes it possible:

  • combining modules into one complex;
  • crossing the assortment of different types of cars with each other;
  • gradual acquisition of modules;
  • gradually building up your production capabilities using previously acquired modules.

You come to us with a specific task, solve it with the help of our corresponding module, and then with the growth of your needs and the expansion of tasks, you equip the production with other compatible modules, which leads to the expansion of the assortment according to the principle of multiplication!

With integration of Neofood technology on the enterprise:

  • the process of purchasing heterogeneous machines without development prospects is terminated;
  • there is the possibility of developing the assortment according to the principle of multiplication;
  • there is an opportunity to independently invent new types of products!

 Site last updated: July 12, 2024

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