A Line of Equipment for Production of Eclairs, Profiteroles, Cupcakes
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A Line of Equipment for Production of Eclairs, Profiteroles, Cupcakes

Dear Colleagues!

  • Do you want to create new types of eclairs, profiteroles and cupcakes and combined products by yourself in visual editor and then “print” them on a Neofood equipment line? And then when consumers "gets tired" of them - just create and "print" new types?
  • Do you want to increase the volume of production in the same areas by 2-3 times?
  • Do you want to reduce the number of personnel by 2-3 times? (In this case, leasing payments amount are about 30% of employees payroll for similar section with manual labor.)
  • Do you want to triple the shelf life by whipping the masses in a nitrogen atmosphere?

With our equipment for the production of eclairs, profiteroles and cupcakes, you can:
а) To produce the whole variety of types of eclairs, profiteroles and cupcakes on one production line; quickly rebuild the line from one view to another;
b) To expand the assortment by increasing the variety of forms, manufacturing products with filling, combining the masses with each other both before baking and after, gluing it with marmalade, marshmallows, and other masses. Three-component products are especially popular. You can also make a variety of colorful glazing, decorating with marmalade and dots, and not just chocolate and stripes.
c) Almost completely get rid of manual labor, and recoup equipment including on salary savings.

What does “the whole variety of eclairs, profiteroles and cupcakes” mean?
Here, for example, a gallery, all this can be produced on one production line:

Only our equipment allows to produce a calibrated product, equal in weight and shape (due to the use of individual dispensers in the heads of each type), which will allow you to produce a product packaged in boxes, cells and packaging, suitable for promotion in any market and in any trading network!

Attention! Our equipment lines are formed individually for the client. Any example presented on the site may be:
A) expanded to produce a wider range of products,
B) expanded for greater performance,
C) cheaper for maximum availability, with the possibility of subsequent "upgrade" to the older model.
Contact us for more details!

What kind of equipment do you need?

Our line for the production of cupcakes, eclairs and profiteroles includes:

And what else can be produced on such a set of equipment?

IntelleMix + IntelleGlaze + IntelleCool can be used for the production of sandwiches, marshmallows, and with the addition of IntelleDrop Polish cookies with marmalade, combinations of marmalade with cookies and marshmallows like Bonjour, etc. The same modules can be used to form cookies and gingerbreads with filling, meringues to deposit.


Contact Us, we will be happy to help you!

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 Site last updated: April 27, 2024

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