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Cakes Production Line - Manufacturing Equipment by Neofood

Dear Colleagues!

  • Do you want to create new types of cakes and combined products by yourself in visual editor and then “print” them on a Neofood equipment line? And then when consumers "gets tired" of them - just create and "print" new types?
  • Do you want to increase the volume of production in the same areas by 2-3 times?
  • Do you want to reduce the number of personnel by 2-3 times? (In this case, leasing payments amount are about 30% of employees payroll for similar section with manual labor.)
  • Do you want to triple the shelf life by whipping the masses in a nitrogen atmosphere?

For the first time in the world, assembly by license and from components made in Germany of fundamentally new modular automated lines for the production of round and rectangular cakes of various sizes with a capacity of 250 to 900 pieces per hour and production lines of various cakes with a productivity of 5-10 thousand pieces per hour was mastered. The equipment also supports the production of rolls and puff products.

Production capabilities of our line

Below is an example of an assortment that can be produced on one line. The capabilities of the line are not limited to the presented products. The line, when fully equipped, is capable of producing almost any assortment of cakes, pastries, puffs, rolls, while leaving room for unlimited expansion of the assortment without additional investment in equipment.

For most of the presented cake configurations, automation is complete, for some automation is partial.

Format classification






Structure classification

Cakes / pastries based on hard or biscuit cakes (layers)

Cakes / pastries from a single mass in / based

Cakes / pastries based on combined (including layers) several masses

Classification by type of decoration





Contact us, we will discuss line configuration for the automation of your production.

Who benefits from our line?

Confectioneries and factories:
  • Increased sales and brand loyalty, due to the ability to constantly change or expand the range without additional investments;
  • Huge savings! On average, leasing for our lines is 3 times cheaper than the salaries of employees performing the same work. When paying the full amount, the payback of the line due to savings on wages is 5-6 months;
  • Replacement of manual labor by automatic, independence from problems with personnel.
Networks of coffee houses and pastry shops:
  • Independence from suppliers, their quality, etc .;
  • The ability to constantly change the range of confectionery, pleasantly surprising and increasing the loyalty of guests;
  • The opportunity to realize their own creative ideas for new confectionery products and stand out among competitors.
Retail Networks:
  • An opportunity to increase sales of all product groups by attracting customers with a frequently changing confectionery assortment with a creative component;
  • Own universal flexible production of both a long-stored confectionery assortment and perishable confectionery (all on one line);
  • Independence from suppliers.
Wholesale companies:
  • Independence from suppliers, their quality, etc.;
  • Own universal flexible production of both a long-stored confectionery assortment and perishable confectionery (all on one line);
  • The opportunity to realize their own creative ideas for new confectionery products and stand out among competitors.

We are manufacturers of fully automatic cake production lines. The wave of automation is already underway, some of the market leaders have already received automated lines, reduced salary costs, are working successfully.

Contact Us, we will provide a reference list, show the current production!

Features of our line:

Full automation! With the help of our equipment you can automate the production of cakes, pastries, rolls or puff products and quickly recoup the line, significantly reducing the cost of manual labor! For example, with a productivity of 500 cakes per hour, the lease payment is 2-3 times less than the wage fund for manual (including partially manual) production. Payback of the entire cost of the line due only to savings on wages - 5-6 months.
You will be able to produce a calibrated product, equal in weight and shape (through the use of individual dispensers in the heads of each type), which will allow you to produce a product packaged in boxes, cells or individual packaging suitable for promotion under your brand in any market and in any trade network! (For this it is important to use aerators and a tunnel oven with automatic filling and dosing of dough into molds.)
You can significantly increase the shelf life of products. Using aerators of cream and biscuit dough increases hygiene and significantly increases the shelf life of products due to the use of nitrogen for whipping in a stream (we did a great job and figured out all the intricacies of using soufflé, dough and creams on aerators, at the moment no one has the world, except for Neofood specialists!). The processes of mixing and whipping with nitrogen take place in a closed system and are isolated from the environment - oxidation and microbiological contamination of the product are reduced to an absolute minimum. The process guarantees a stable density of the whipped mass, which is one of the factors ensuring the accuracy of calibration of the finished product by size and weight. The following technical solutions are also used on the line: mass sterilization in the stream, CIP-washing, continuous disinfection and washing of conveyor belts.
You can expand the assortment by increasing the variety of forms, masses, decoration methods used. The line makes it possible to constantly invent new types of confectionery: quickly adapt to the tastes of consumers, constantly surprise them with new products, leave competitors with their constant assortment behind. You can also set up production of salty snack cakes.
You will be able to produce an unlimited number of varieties of your products on one production line (for example, cakes from the most popular types of tiramisu and honey cake to the original exclusive options that you will come up with yourself) and quickly rebuild the line from one products to another.
The modular architecture of Neofood equipment allows you to:
  • produce on one line an assortment of several;
  • add new machines to the line, increasing the number of product options according to the principle of multiplication (line upgrade);
  • adapt the assortment to the capricious market at minimal cost;
  • compactly position the line even in a small production room;
  • easily change optional devices and settings of production programs;
  • eliminate the mistakes of technologists and operators with the help of automatic dosage of ingredients with recipes memory;
  • keep automatic records of raw materials and finished products in the form of convenient daily reports.

Neofood Modular architecture is patented and has no analogues in the world!

It is possible to equip the line with a robot decorator! The decorator robot provides another degree of accuracy in respecting the weight of the product. Due to the use of 2 stages of decoration - static and dynamic (there are no analogues in the world!) - our robot decorator:
  • in comparison with manual decor - it works much faster and has all the advantages of getting rid of manual labor;
  • in comparison with automatic systems of static decoration - allows you to achieve a variety of jewelry products;
  • in comparison with automatic decorators of dynamic type - it works much faster.
Technologists training in Germany. In the presence of an appropriate production task, we train our customers' technologists for free at the German Academy of Food Processing ZDS Solingen.
Our vast experience and service:
  • Real launch of more than 350 food processing facilities in Europe.
  • Equipment in stock!
  • Demonstration and training at the existing plant.
  • Excellent service - commissioning, training of mechanics, warranty and after-sales service, technical and consulting support.
  • Localized production and flexible pricing!

We invite you to test equipment tests and demonstrate the possibilities! Contact us, leave a request to visit the production.

What kind of equipment do you need?

Our cakes and pastries production line includes the following modules:

And what else can be produced on such a set of equipment?

IntelleMix + IntelleGlaze + IntelleCool can be used for the production of sandwiches, marshmallows, IntelleDrop Polish cookies with marmalade, combinations of marmalade with cookies and marshmallows like Bonjour, etc. The same modules can be used to form cookies and gingerbreads with filling, meringue deposit, production of salty snack cakes.


Our equipment lines are formed individually for the client. Any example presented on the site may be:

  • expanded to produce a wider range of products,
  • expanded for greater performance,
  • cheaper for maximum availability, with the possibility of subsequent "upgrade" to the older model.

Contact Us, we will select the configuration of the production line that suits your needs.


Contact Us, we will select the configuration of the production line that suits your needs.

Our Clients, producing cakes and pastries on new generation lines

A complete list of our clients - «Our Clients»

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