IntelleGlaze is an Enrobing Machine, Which is a Glazing Module for the Neofood Confectionery Production Lines
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IntelleGlaze - Enrobing and Decorating Machine

IntelleGlaze enrobing machine includes absolutely everything for stable, high-quality and reliable enrobing and decoration of confectionery and other products with all possible types of enrobing, operator actions and climatic conditions.

A few hours of downtime for any reason can be very expensive, so we have provided all the little things.

IntelleGlaze is an integrated programmable module, and can also work as a stand-alone modern enrobing and decorating line. In the maximum configuration, it is capable of enrobing in two colors of the product flow, divided in half along, plus, in addition to two other colors, decoration is performed.

IntelleGlaze is equipped with two large-capacity enrobing melting tanks for the main coat layers and two small tanks for powering the decorating device.

The machine provides a system for automatic swapping and filtering glaze.

Now decor and marmalade is possible - stripes and dots!

A few examples of products:

Attention! Our equipment lines are formed individually for the client. Any example presented on the site may be:
A) expanded to produce a wider range of products,
B) expanded for greater performance,
C) cheaper for maximum availability, with the possibility of subsequent "upgrade" to the older model.
Contact us for more details!

We produce enrobing complexes of various sizes: with a working area of 320 mm, 620 mm, 820 mm, 1020 mm, 1220 mm.

Only our equipment allows to produce a calibrated product, equal in weight and shape (due to the use of individual dispensers in the heads of each type), which will allow you to produce a product packaged in boxes, cells and packaging, suitable for promotion in any market and in any trading network!

The complex includes the following equipment:

1) «IntelleGlaze®» enrobing machine with numerical control and automatic regulation operating modes:

  • glaze heating by the Swedish PAHLEN system;
  • conveyor mesh speed;
  • laser sensor for monitoring the level of glaze of the working tank;
  • the intensity of glazing the top and bottom of the products;
  • intensity, temperature and direction of air blowing;
  • direction of rotation, speed and temperature of the droplet removal roller;
  • the frequency and intensity of the shaking device of the conveyor;
  • operating modes of the infrared heater of the internal volume of the machine and the "night" mode.

The machine has a “roll-out” bathtub and a removable mesh conveyor for quick washing, disinfection and switching to other colors and types of glazes. Possible execution for natural chocolate. The machine is equipped with transparent convenient doors for process control and easy access to nodes.

Glaze melting tank of large capacity for the main coating layer. Designed for melting and maintaining chocolate icing in the liquid phase with a given temperature. Available in two sizes for 300l. and 500l. Individual production is possible. The installed capacity of the tank with a pumping station is 4.5 kW.

Each tank is equipped with:

  • a powerful mixer with original blades making glaze impossible to gland seals;
  • Swedish system "PAHLEN" for autonomous temperature maintenance with an interface for connecting to the central controller of the complex;
  • sensors for emergency upper and lower coolant levels, an emergency jacket overheating sensor, a tank cover opening sensor that blocks the mixer for the duration of the glaze loading.

The tank comes with a station for automatic glaze pumping into the working tank of the enrobing machine and a filter.

3) «IntelleDecor» decoration system consists of a heated decorating device, a feeder tank, a receiving tray of a heated bath with a return of glaze. Carries out decoration by lines and dots, automatic cleaning, regulation of the amplitude and intensity of the application of glaze. The feed tank is equipped with a stirrer, filter, and the Swedish PAHLEN system. The installed power of the decorator with the tank is 4 kW.

4) The «IntelleCool» refrigeration tunnel has three zone intensive cooling of products with automatic tension and belt alignment. The tunnel is equipped with convenient covers on pneumatic supports, removable trays for cleaning and disinfection, scrapers for continuous automatic cleaning of the tape with reuse glaze returnable waste. The tunnel cooling unit of the ALFA-LAVAL company (Sweden) with the freon compressor of the MANEUROP company (France) has a built-in automatic defrosting, dehumidification and air filtration system and allows maintaining the temperature in the tunnel to -8 ° C. High-quality tunnel insulation, rational, controlled distribution of cooling air flows and air circulation in a closed tunnel volume without mixing with external air make the cooling process economical and hygienic.

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The universal Neofood module for semi-automatic and automatic production methods, can easily be combined with other modules to obtain even more complex combined products. Possible delivery of a kit for self-assembly. Provided with detailed video instructions for assembly and commissioning.

Unique four-color enrobing complexes «IntelleGlazeDouble»

«IntelleGlazeDouble» - is a modern enrobing and decorating line capable of enrobing a product stream, divided along in half, in two primary colors, plus decoration in addition to two other colors.

The control system of the heated feed pumps is independent for both glaze colors and is based on a non-contact glaze mirror level sensor, which is available in each of the two working tanks of the glazing machine and inverters, steplessly regulating the speed of the pumps depending on the dynamics of the flow rate of glaze in each section. The heated, easily cleaned glaze filtration system is designed to remove all kinds of impurities contained in the initial glaze, to remove secondary impurities - clumps of glaze, crumbs, pieces of food and etc. in the process of recycling. The temperature of all parts of pipelines, filters and switching taps is individual for each type of glaze and is set from the central display, then it is automatically maintained. All connections are easily disassembled for washing, flexible and metal pipelines, as well as glaze pumps, have a water "jacket".

The machine devices responsible for all the processes of glazing products are extremely interesting - the latest controller model of the Japanese company OMRON (Japan) and a color “Touch screen” display, which shows the state of the entire complex and its individual elements, such as conveyor speeds, pumps , decorator, temperature of all tanks, air, roller, decorator, cooling conveyor, the level of glaze and water in the "jackets".

The complex is equipped with a phase control system and protection against voltage drops of the German company "ABB". All drives are protected by frequency converters – inverters, and the controller and display are powered by stabilized switching power supplies. The electronic components are cooled.

All of the above systems are designed to ensure reliable operation of the enrobing machine on any glaze without interruptions and changes in its rheological (viscous) properties even at high glazing speeds.

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The accuracy of maintaining the temperature of the melting tank and the feeder tank of the decorating device is 0.1ºC, of the refrigeration tunnel - 1ºC. The working range of glaze melting is 20-70ºC. The total length of the line depends on the type of product and the width of the working area. The minimum length is 10m. The required compressed air pressure for the refrigeration tunnel and decorating device is 6-8 atm. The consumed amount of compressed air at the inlet is 150 l / min. The linear speed of the glazing net and the tunnel strip is 0.5-5 m / min.



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