IntelleMix - Molding Machine for Combined Confectionery and Gastronomic Products
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IntelleMix - Roller Gear Machine with Heated Hoppers for Molding Two-component Products

A modern roller-gear machine with heated hoppers for molding two-component products and products stuffed with marshmallows, cookies, aerated marmalade, soufflé and other medium-viscosity masses. Ranges from tender meringues, soufflés and marshmallows to solids such as curabier dough. It is possible to work with minced meat for gastronomic production!

IntelleMix performs the functions of point, longitudinal (dotted) jigging, as well as the process of continuous extrusion (marshmallow sticks, cookie sticks, fudge, etc.).

It is possible to manufacture a simplified single hopper version.

It is possible to use a machine with rotary kilns (while maintaining the possibility of an upgrade to work with a tunnel kiln).

Only our equipment allows to produce a calibrated product, equal in weight and shape (due to the use of individual dispensers in the heads of each type), which will allow you to produce a product packaged in boxes, cells and packaging, suitable for promotion in any market and in any trading network!

The universal Neofood module for semi-automatic and automatic production methods, can easily be combined with other modules to obtain even more complex combined products. Possible delivery of a kit for self-assembly. Provided with detailed video instructions for assembly and commissioning.

A few product examples of the two-component version:

A few product examples of the single hopper version:

Ideas of products from marshmallows, marmalade, cookies and their combinations, implemented on Intellemix jigging modules:


Length: 900 mm;
Working width: 1000, 800, 600,300 mm;
Height: 750 mm;
Power: 3.5 kW;
Electrical connection: 3-phase, 380 ± 5 V, frequency 50 Hz;
Maintenance: temperature + 15 ° C to + 35 ° C, humidity not more than 65%;
Productivity: up to 300 kg / h;
The volume of each hopper is 40 l (can be changed according to requirement);
Gear pump on each nozzle for precise jigging;
Maximum temperature: 70 ° C;
Material: Stainless steel (AISI304), thickness 1.5 mm. The thickness of the internal parts as required
Sensors: Siemens for jig head;
Motor gearbox: Sew-Eurodrive.
Mass Type:
- Masses of medium viscosity like shortcrust pastry, marshmallows, cream, soufflé, etc.
- Masses with a density of 340 to 1500 kg / m3
- Viscosity from 0.9 from Pa.c to 4.0 m.

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Key Features:

1) Functions of point, longitudinal (dashed) deposition, as well as the process of continuous extrusion.

2) Multi-level jigging function - allows you to change the height and shape of the product during jigging, fill waffle or sugar cones, shapes, etc.

3) 9 multi-extrusion easy-change jigging nozzles, various modifications and purposes.

5) 8-speed swivel mechanism of nozzles with functions of reverse rotation and change of rotation speed during the depositing process of one row of products - allows you to give products unusual shapes, even when using the same nozzles.

6) Easily replaceable knots of molding, string cutting.

7) The ability to install additional modules, such as: a chocolate dispenser - for top-filling with chocolate, a marmalade dispenser and etc.

8) Bins, extrusion systems and working chambers are thermally stabilized, i.e. the mode of heating / cooling of the working bodies of IntelleMix® is set automatically in accordance with the task of the technologist and the temperature of the mass determined by the operator.

9) A program bank with convenient multi-colored labels in the form of products.

10) A detailed menu of machine operation settings.

11) Electronic event log - allows you to fully control the operation of the machine.

12) The reciprocating function of the conveyor - changes the direction of jigging to create complex products, removes the “tails” of malleable masses, allows the operator to feed pallets to jigging and take them from one place. The conveyor is controlled by a high-precision servo drive.

13) Adjustable rotation of the injection shafts in time and speed with the function of "anti-deposition" - allows you to control the mass output at the tips of jigging nozzles and to plant calibrated products without a spread of proportions between the shell and the filling.

14) Convenient movement of the machine using wheels with a locking mechanism.

15) Inductive and infrared sensors provide high-precision positioning of the conveyor lifting mechanism, high-speed operation of string cutting, the presence of defects and contaminants on the pallet, removing or opening the protective cover of the hoppers, moving hands or foreign objects to the rotating mechanisms of the machine during operation, and much more for high-quality and safe molding of products.

Features of IntelleMix-2015

1) Ultralight materials in contact with the product have increased wear resistance and meet all international standards of the food industry.

2) Multi-stage nozzle speed control + reverse rotation.

3) The controlled rotation of the nozzles, not in time but in increment, if necessary, at the beginning of each jig positioning of nozzles.

4) Additional stages of the jigging process.

5) New features for controlling the movement of the table during the jigging process.

6) Increased program bank.

7) "Multiprogram" mode - the ability to make different rows of products on one pallet.

8) Automatic service maintenance of electronics.

9) The complex is equipped with an IntelleMove trolley for transporting the molding block to the sink.

10) The molding unit has unified connectors for installation on the CreaSweet hot or cold line.



Intellemix Display:

Intellemix+IntelleDrop Production Line:

Two Intellemix machines at Intellebase for automatic line and 4-component products:

Jigging two-color marshmallows / cookies on Intellemix:

Jigging cookies / marshmallows with jam on a pallet:

Jigging two-color marshmallows:

Semi-automatic Intellemix for two-color marshmallows / cookies:

Jigging process on Intellemix:

Jigging marshmallow sticks with fillings on Intellemix:

Intellemix - the most popular modern machine in Europe!

Intellemix + 2 IntelleDrop + stackers:

Intellemix + IntelleDrop for Bonjour type products:

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