IntelleCone - Waffle Cone Filling Line
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IntelleCone - Waffle Cone Filling Line

The line consists of:

  • The conveyor of cartridges with a loading zone and an unloading zone;
  • Two refrigerated cabinets with stepless temperature control;
  • Two adjustable glaze dispensers;
  • Jigging head for filling the tubes with filling, with the possibility of adding fruit slices up to 2 (two) mm, for 10 streams;
  • Feeder feeders with pump station filtration system;
  • Node unloading tubes on the discharge conveyor.

It is possible to use a machine with rotary kilns (while maintaining the possibility of an upgrade to work with a tunnel kiln).

Only our equipment allows to produce a calibrated product, equal in weight and shape (due to the use of individual dispensers in the heads of each type), which will allow you to produce a product packaged in boxes, cells and packaging, suitable for promotion in any market and in any trading network!

The possibilities of filling waffle cones are not limited to traditional products such as ice cream and marshmallows! On the same production line, you can also produce snacks with meat such as pizza-cono, come up with and sell new dishes such as traditional salads in a waffle cone, etc.:

Attention! Our equipment lines are formed individually for the client. Any example presented on the site may be:
A) expanded to produce a wider range of products,
B) expanded for greater performance,
C) cheaper for maximum availability, with the possibility of subsequent "upgrade" to the older model.
Contact us for more details!

The production process includes the following stages:

  • Manual installation of wafer tubes on the conveyor of the machine;
  • Injection of glaze black or white;
  • Chocolate icing freezing (bottom formation);
  • Dosing of the filling inside the waffle tube;
  • The next injection of glaze (pouring the upper cork);
  • Chocolate frosting;
  • Automatic ejection of a tube from a cartridge;
  • Transporting the tubes to the packer.

The universal Neofood module for semi-automatic and automatic production methods, can easily be combined with other modules to obtain even more complex combined products.


With conveyor width 600mm
Productivity, kg / h: up to 200
Productivity, pcs / hour: up to 10000
Number of rows: up to 10
Width of a working zone, mm: 600
Overall dimensions, mm, no more: length x width x height 10000 x 1370 x 1550
Power Supply: 380V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW: 15



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 Site last updated: April 27, 2024

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